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Why buy Cobrabraid 550 Paracord Belts?

Because if you are in a survival situation you do not want to get caught with your pants down!

How are Cobrabraid paracord belts different from the other guys?

Instead of weaving a belt like a normal paracord bracelet and adding a buckle, Cobrabraid start with a double-ply nylon belt and triple plated metal hardware, then weaves 54-68 feet, depending on your belt size, of USA made 550 paracord onto the belt. If you ever need to unwind your belts you still have the nylon belt to hold your pants up.

These belts are available in 29 colors or add a trim color at no additional cost, 29 inside colors plus 29 trim colors equals 841 possible color combinations. Match any of your outdoor clothing.

Where can you buy Cobrabraid paracord belts?

Buy directly from the manufacturer at Prices starting at just $49.99. Add 3 or more items to your cart including bracelets and keychains and receive 25% off the regular price.